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ARM System on Module (SoM) Products

System on module (SoM) is an ideal alternative to custom engineering. With an SoM approach you get the best of aspects of both buying an Off-The-Shelf Single Board Computer (SBC) and of a Custom Engineered solution. With Off-The-Shelf standard components such as a generic carrier board and SOM module, it is possible to start development on your software applications before the custom carrier board is complete; thus offering a reduced time to market for your system. A System on Module (SoM) is comprised of a small processor module with CPU bus accessibility and standard I/O functionality. The SoM module does not have any connectorization and is designed to be plugged into a Carrier Board.
ARM-144 Pin SoMs
ARM-200 Pin SoMs
ARM 314 Pin SoMs
ARM-Carrier Boards