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OpenEmbedded is a build framework for embedded Linux systems. It aims to reduce the number of dependencies on the development platform as much as possible and can be used to cross-compile thousands of packages for many different architectures. EMAC utilizes a customized version of OpenEmbedded to create the EMAC OpenEmbedded distribution, EMAC OE. EMAC OE is the Linux distribution utilized on the majority of EMAC products. The current version of EMAC OE, 4.0, is primarily based on the 2009 stable branch of OpenEmbedded. EMAC customizes OpenEmbedded by adding support for EMAC hardware, patching software, providing a comprehensive SDK, providing documentation and refining the configuration of the operating system to create EMAC OE Linux.


While EMAC OE is designed for embedded systems, it is also created to be a fully-featured Linux system. It includes common GNU utilities provided by Busybox and other projects, servers, networking, filesystem support, hotplugging support, and other features. When desirable, these embedded versions of the utilities from Busybox can usually be upgraded to the same fully featured versions typically seen on desktop and server Linux systems. Additionally, many packages typically associated with desktops and/or servers can be built and installed on EMAC OE systems (often as custom builds). These packages include:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Note that, should a project require such software, appropriate considerations towards the hardware requirements of the software need to be taken into account. EMAC is happy to provide assistance to any customer needing a helping hand with choosing this hardware.

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