Configuring EMAC OE 4.0 SDK

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When Eclipse generates a Makefile to use for building a project, the generated Makefile includes a file named before it performs any other steps. This file is located in the projects directory, which is the root directory for Eclipse projects. The projects directory is located within the EMAC SDK directory provided by the EMAC SDK package (or installed on the LDC).

The file provides information needed to build projects and upload them to the target machine (the board supplied by EMAC). The following information is provided by this file:

Configuration variable Description
SDKBASE The base directory for the SDK .
CC, CXX Exectuable binaries to use for compiling for the C and C++ compiler, respectively.
LD_LIBRARY_PATH The path the linker should use to search for shared library files.
CFLAGS The flags passed to the compiler to specify target processor architecture, debugging flags, etc.
OFLAGS The flags passed to the compiler to specify optimization options to use.
TARGET_IP The IP Address of the target machine (needed for uploading the compiled binary to the target machine).
LOGIN The user name to use for logging into the target machine.
PASSWORD The password to use for logging into the target machine.*
WPUT The location of the wput command, along with options to pass to wput.
  • NOTE The password is stored in plain text in this file. However, read permission is required to view this password. In most development environments, this should not be an issue. If development is taking place in a shared environment (such as a University lab) and secrecy of this password is required, simply ensure that only trusted users have read permission for this file.