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(Redpine Signal RS9116 Radio Module)
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===Redpine Signal RS9116 Radio Module===
===Redpine Signal RS9116 Radio Module===
[https://www.redpinesignals.com/Products/Hosted_Connectivity/Multi-Protocol_Wireless_SoCs_&_Modules/RS9116_SoCs_&_Modules/RS9116N-SB00-AA1.php RS9116 resources]
===Peripheral Hardware datasheets===
===Peripheral Hardware datasheets===

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This is the documentation page for the CutiPy FreeRTOS hardware-Software release.



CutiPy User Manual
CutiPy Data Sheet


FreeRTOS Documentation
FatFs (used with the SD Card)

CutiPy FreeRTOS software diagram

STM32 Microcontroller

STM32F407 datasheet

STM32F407 Reference Manual

Redpine Signal RS9116 Radio Module

RS9116 resources

Peripheral Hardware datasheets