Cutipy-MicroPython LED Ring Counter demo

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Here we will demonstrate the functionality of the LED's on the CutiPy, in addition to timer interrupts and pushbutton functionality.

Required Materials

  1. CutiPy device running MicroPython

  2. A personal computer

  3. script



  1. Connect your CutiPy to your personal computer using a microUSB cable ( Steps Covered Here )

  2. Copy into the CutiPy drive

  3. Reset your CutiPy board to update the file system

  4. Download Thonny IDE and configure it for use with EMAC products ( Steps Covered Here )

  5. On the CutiPy drive, edit and uncomment the following line towards the bottom of the script:

    #pyb.main('') # main script to run after this one
  6. Then, change the line to read '' instead of '', as shown below:

    pyb.main('') # main script to run after this one
  7. Save the file, then establish a REPL terminal connection ( Steps Covered Here )


  • Press PB1 once quickly, and the LED's will begin to light in order, going from LED1-LED4 before restarting at LED1 again. Each time the LED's cycle, the REPL connection will display the number of cycles. Press PB1 again to stop the cycle.
  • Hold PB1 for a second, and the same thing happens, except this time the LED's cycle in reverse from LED4-LED1. Press PB1 again to stop the cycle.