Cutipy Test

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EMAC has provided a simple test script that can be run on a CutiPy to verify function.

Tools Required

  • Desktop PC
  • USB to mini-USB cable
  • Serial to USB converter (for testing RS232/422/485 combo port)
  • DB9 Loopback (for testing DB9 serial port)
  • Oscilloscope (for testing High Drive Outputs

Running the Test

1. To begin testing the CutiPy, simply connect it via Mini-USB to USB to your computer and open a serial port monitoring program such as Minicom on linux or PuTTY on Windows.

2. Once you're able to communicate with Micropython's REPL, start the test be entering:

import test

3. You should see a menu come up:

1: Battery Voltage Test
2: Battery Charger Test
3: RTC Set Test
4: SD Card Test
5: Buttons Test
6: LCD Test')