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This is a guide to the timechangeGUI C++ example project. This project will display all the available time zones to which the user can navigate to and change the system's timezone.

The timechangeGUI project builds one executable: timechangeGUI.

Opening, Building and Uploading the Project Files

For information on opening the project from within Eclipse, please see Importing the EMAC OE SDK Projects with Eclipse. Then, follow Using the EMAC OE SDK Projects with Eclipse for information on how to build, upload and execute the example.

Alternatively, the Makefile can be used with the make command from the commandline to build and upload the example. For more information on this method, please see Using EMAC OE SDK Example Projects.

Usage and Behavior

Hardware Requirements

The timechangeGUI C++ example project will run on any system for which it can be compiled.

Using timechangeGUI

The timechangeGUI program can be executed from the console. It takes no parameters.


The program displays a QTreeView Widget displaying the contents of the /usr/share/zoneinfo directory. Any file within this directory can be used to change the time zone of the device. Simply highlight the desired timezone file and press the QPushButton to change the timezone.


The timechangeGUI application provides a nice interface to change the timezone without meddling in the command line.