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This procedure provides an overview of how to compile and run the fbench C example project. It assumes familiarity with the C programming language and is intended to be used by experienced programmers who are looking to learn the EMAC SDK.

1. Open the C/C++ editing perspective

2. Open the egpc project

3. Build, upload and run

What it does

This is a benchmarking program for determining floating point accuracy and performance. This project creates 2 programs : fbench and ffbench. fbench benchmarks using one algorithm, ffbench uses another. See project comments for details.

Usage for fbench:

fbench <itercount>
Where <itercount> is an optional specification for the number of iterations to be executed, 1000 being the default.
i.e. : ./fbench 123

It runs until it is finished and then outputs the results. hey mike fbench just seems to hang, never outputs results. maybe the board is just slow. You want me to track down the problem in the code?

Usage for ffbench:

ffbench i.e. : ./ffbench

It runs until it is finished and then outputs to the terminal whether or not errors were detected in it's results.