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This is a guide to the serial C example project included in the EMAC OE SDK.

This application sets up and tests asynchronous IO on a serial port using poll() and fasync().

The serial project builds one executable: serial_test.

Opening, Building and Uploading the Project Files

1. Open the C/C++ editing perspective.


2. Open the project files.


3. Build the project.


4. Upload the executables to the target system.


Usage and Behavior

serial_test performs an asynchronous IO test on the specified serial device using either poll or FASYNC mode. It performs the test, reports, test, report, etc. It will keep running until it is stopped manually via CTRL-C.

Hardware Requirements

It should run just fine on any device with a serial port.

Using serial_test

./serial_test DEVICE -p|-a 
The serial device to use
Use poll() for asynchronous IO
Use FASYNC mode for asynchronous IO