Installing QtCreator

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Install Qt Creator

  1. Download Qt Creator from the Qt project web page:

  2. Change to the directory where Qt Creator was downloaded from the command line:

     developer@ldc:~$ cd /download/directory
  3. Make Qt Creator installer executable and run installer script:

     developer@ldc:~$ chmod +x
     developer@ldc:~$ ./

    The installation wizard will start.

    Figure 1: Qt Creator Installation Wizard

  4. Press next to proceed.

    Figure 2: Qt Creator Installation Wizard

  5. Choose an installation directory then press next

    Figure 3: Qt Creator Installation Wizard

  6. Accept the license agreement then press next

    Figure 4: Qt Creator Installation Wizard

  7. Press install to begin the installation

    Figure 5: Qt Creator Installation Wizard

  8. A status bar will appear. Press finish to exit the installation wizard

Configure Kits in Qt Creator

  1. Source the environment setup script

    developer@ldc:~$ source /opt/emac/5.0.0/environment-setup-i586-emac-linux
  2. Open Qt Creator

    developer@ldc:~$ /home/developer/qtcreator-3.1.0/bin/qtcreator

  3. Click Tools->Options...

  4. Select Devices from the left pane

    1. Press the Add... button

    2. Select Generic Linux Device then press Start Wizard

    3. Type in a name, the IP address, user name and password for the device

    4. Click Next >

    5. Click Finish

    6. A connection will be established with the target device

    7. Click Apply

  5. Select Build & Run from the left pane

  6. Select the Qt Versions tab

    1. Press the Add... button

    2. Navigate to /opt/emac/5.0.0/sysroots/i686-emacsdk-linux/usr/bin/

    3. Select qmake2

    4. Press apply

    Figure 1: Qt Creator Kit Qmake

  7. Select the Compilers tab

    1. Press Add->GCC

    2. Type in a name such as i586 Gcc

    3. Click Browse...

    4. Navigate to /opt/emac/5.0.0/sysroots/i686-emacsdk-linux/usr/bin/target_arch/

    5. Select target_arch-emac-linux-gcc

    Figure 2: Qt Creator Kit Compiler

  8. Select the Debuggers tab

    1. Press Add

    2. Type in a name such as i586 Debugger

    3. Click Browse...

    4. Navigate to /opt/emac/5.0.0/sysroots/i686/usr/bin/target_arch/

    5. Select target_arch-emac-linux-gdb

    Figure 3: Qt Creator Kit Debugger

  9. Select the Kits tab

    1. Press the Add button

    2. Type in a name such as i586

    3. Change the Device type: to Generic Linux Device

    4. Change the Device: to the one configured in step 3

    5. Type /opt/emac/5.0.0/sysroots/target_arch into the Sysroot line

    6. Change the Compiler: to the one created in step 6

    7. Change the Debugger: to the one created in step 7

    8. Change the Qt version: to the one created in step 5

    9. Press Apply then Ok

    Figure 4: Qt Creator Kit