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Bluemix is a cloud computing service developed by IBM.

Bluemix has the capabilities to host a variety of services from web services to crypto-currencies.

This Wiki contains information on how to use the methods that EMAC has developed for Micropython to interact with IBM Bluemix IoT.

EMAC methods for Micropython with IBM Bluemix

  • class Bluemix:
    • This class provides a tailored interface to the MQTTClient class, for the purpose of connecting to the IBM Bluemix IoT service. It is imported from the 'bluemix' module. The following is an example usage.
    • client = bluemix.Bluemix(ORG, DEVICE_ID, DEVICE_TYPE, AUTH_TOKEN)
      msg = '{d:{value:"42"}}'
      client.publish('desired/topic/to/use', msg)