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SOM-210ES ARM 200-Pin Carrier

The SoM-210ES is an ultra compact SoM Carrier/Socket board with an optional 4.3 inch WQVGA (480 x 272) TFT color LCD and a resistive touch screen. The dimensions of the SoM-210 are 4.8” by 3.0”, about the same dimensions as that of popular touch cell phones. The SoM-210 is small enough to fit in a 2U rack enclosure. This versatile SoM Carrier/Socket board is ideal for evaluation and early development work. This Carrier is designed to work with all EMAC 200-pin SODIMM type SoMs. Note: The SoM-210 is specifically designed for SoMs with Video & USB capability.
SOM-210ES Website Link
SoM-210ES Downloads