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{{:Templateimpl:Navti | [ftp://ftp.emacinc.com/SoM/SoM-IMX6M/Manual/SoM-iMX6M%20User%20Manual.pdf User Manual] }}
{{:Templateimpl:Navti | [ftp://ftp.emacinc.com/SoM/SoM-IMX6M/Manual/SoM-iMX6M_User_Manual.pdf User Manual] }}
{{:Templateimpl:Navti | [ftp://ftp.emacinc.com/SoM/SoM-IMX6M/DataSheets/SoM-iMX6%20Datasheet.pdf Datasheet] }}
{{:Templateimpl:Navti | [ftp://ftp.emacinc.com/SoM/SoM-IMX6M/DataSheets/SoM-iMX6M_Datasheet.pdf Datasheet] }}
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:{{:Templateimpl:Navti | [http://www.emacinc.com/products/system_on_module/SoM-320ES SoM-320ES Web Link] }}
:{{:Templateimpl:Navti | [http://emacinc.com/products/system_on_module/SoM-350ES SoM-350ES Web Link] }}
:{{:Templateimpl:Navti | [ftp://ftp.emacinc.com/SoM/SoM-320ES/ SoM-320ES Downloads] }}
:{{:Templateimpl:Navti | [ftp://ftp.emacinc.com/SoM/SoM-350ES/ SoM-350ES Downloads] }}

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The SoM-iMX6 is a System on Module (SoM) based on the Freescale iMX.6 Cortex A9 Single, Dual or Quad Core processor. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this wide temperature, fanless ARM 1GHz SoM has 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet included along with 4 serial ports. It utilizes up to 4GB of eMMC Flash, up to 16MB of serial data flash, and up to 1GB of LP DDR2 RAM. A SoM is a small embedded module that contains the core of a microprocessor system.
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