Serial Mode

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This page helps explain the usage of the serial mode utility on EMAC OE 5.X.

General Information

Serial Mode

The serial-mode command allows the user to switch between RS232, RS485, and RS422 modes on EMAC carriers that have a combination serial port.


Output of the serial-mode help command:

root@emac-oe:~# serial-mode --help

USAGE: serial-mode -p PORT [-m MODE] [-t TOGGLE] [-r RXEN] [-c FILE] [-h -l -s]
-c --config FILE Use FILE as configuration file
-p --port PORT Select PORT {names based on config file entries}
-m --mode MODE Select MODE {'rs232','rs422','rs485','off'}
-t --toggle TOGGLE Select TOGGLE mode {'auto','manual'}
-r --rxen RXEN Set rxen = RXEN {'0','1'}
-h -? --help Help

Example usage (switching COM B to RS485):

developer@ldc:~# serial-mode -p comb -m rs485

Carrier Specifics

The combination serial port location varies depending on the carrier board:

COMB on carriers:

  • 200
  • 210
  • 212

COMC on carrier:

  • 150

COM0 on:

  • iPAC

Source Code

The source code for the serial-mode command may be found at EMAC's public git here