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There are a few points that should be evaluated on this page:

  • Overall, some of the wording on this page seems corny and informal. For example, in the introduction phrases like "With such insight and understanding, your creation can truly shine."
  • Repetitive language is present throughout much of the article. For example: "insight and understanding" is used several times in the intro.
  • I have an issue with saying "Linux has a tradition of not changing anything too quickly, and only changing things if the community deems it truly important to do so." The only instance in which this is true is in regards to kernel API changes for the user interface (not internal API changes), and it gives a false impression of what Linux really is. Development is quick, driven by the needs of the community, and developed through collective skills.
  • "Getting Started with the Linux Shell" section -- Bash, and most of the other shells referenced in this section are actually Unix Shells and not specific to Linux. Bash was developed for the GNU project as a free alternative drawing from many other shells and adding other improvements, but the historical description in this section does not apply to Bash. I can see how many of the Linux-specific utilities on the shell could fall under this description, but that's not the shell so we need to be a little more specific about what we are talking about.