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This guide will illustrate how to set up and connect to a wireless network using the ThinkPenguin Wireless N USB Adapter for GNU/LINUX == Background ==Most modules from EMAC can be upgraded to use wireless networking via a USB adapter. EMAC’s SoM-200GS carrier can optimally be ordered with built-in wifi and bluetooth. The ThinkPenguin Wireless N USB Adapter for GNU/LINUX can be purchased from ThinkPenguin.== General Information =====Tools Required===* A system with built in WiFi or a WiFi USB Adapter==Setup==# This process requires modifying some system files so start by allowing the system to read and write.#:

root@som9g45:~# mount -o remount,rw /

# Check for any updates.#:

root@som9g45:~# opkg update

# Install wpa_supplicant to allow connection to WPA and WPA2 protected networks.#:

root@som9g45:~# opkg install wpa-supplicant

# Install the firmware for the USB adapter.#:

root@som9g45:~# opkg install linux-firmware-ath9k

# Install the marvell firmware and the sd8787 firmware for built in WiFi on the SoM-200GS#:

root@som9g45:~# opkg install linux-firmware-marvell-license


root@som9g45:~# opkg install linux-firmware-sd8787

# Install the iw and wireless-tool packages.#:

root@som9g45:~# opkg install iw


root@som9g45:~# opkg install wireless-tools

Reboot the system and make it read/write-able.== Wireless Networking ==== Examples ==== Conclusion ==== Further Information ==

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