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EMAC has multiple levels of support, from general support included with every purchase, to detailed support covered on a contractual basis. If an issue arises with your EMAC product, our support services will be able to help you.

Standard Support

Support is handled primarily through an email/ticket system, but phone support is also available. EMAC will provide support for general issues such as:

  • Hardware problems
  • Software implementation
  • EMAC specific software
  • Correct/Proper operation

EMAC tests and evaluates all products prior to shipping to ensure complete functionality. However, if a product exhibits a manufacturing defect, EMAC will repair or replace (with the same or equivalent model) the product at no charge to the customer if still within the limited warranty period (see the RMA policy). If the warranty has expired or the product was damaged the product may be able to be repaired by EMAC at the expense of the customer.

General support does not cover problems unrelated to EMAC products and their correct/proper operation, such as knowledge issues with Linux and non-EMAC specific software (e.g. Eclipse IDE, QT creator), etc. These type of questions can usually be answered by consulting the Linux Man pages or documentation that accompanies a particular piece of software. Issues not covered by general support are usually covered by purchasing a Support Contract.

Also not covered are changes made to EMAC's Linux distribution such as adding a package to the build. However, if the customer has EMAC add the package to the build then the installation/support fee provides support for correct/proper operation issues with the package . Again however, knowledge issues with regard to how to use the package are not covered.

For customers that are relatively new to Linux may want to invest in the EMAC Linux Development Computer (LDC). This computer comes with everything you will need to develop and debug applications for your EMAC board when using Linux. For more info goto: LDC Page.

Note: EMAC is not responsible for bugs/issues with customer use of Open Source software that is inherent in the software in general and not specific to the BSP.

Contractual Support

EMAC can provide customers with enhanced technical support on a contractual basis. Support requests can be submitted in one of two ways, either email/ticket support or phone support. Email/ticket support takes longer but costs less, while phone support provides the fastest response at a higher cost. A combination of the two support types may be used at their respective prices.

For pricing on Support Contracts, please contact EMAC directly.

Custom Builds

EMAC can configure all manner of custom Linux software packages. If you require any additional software packages, custom kernel or application development support not provided in the standard build, contact the sales department directlyfor a quote. Once a custom build has been made to your requirements, the build will be given a custom part number and kept on an EMAC server. Future purchases of that part number are guaranteed to be identical to the original.

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