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This page maintains a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to EMAC OE Linux along with answers and links to relevant information.

What is the default login for EMAC OE?

username: root
password: emac_inc

What is the default IP address for an EMAC OE machine?

If an EMAC OE machine fails to acquire an IP address via DHCP, it falls back to by default. Note that this fallback IP address may be different on a custom build. For more information, see Network Connections.

What are the Connection Settings for the Serial Console?

See Serial Connections for a table with this information.

How Do I Install the SDK?

See Installing EMAC OE SDK

How Do I Set the Time/Timezone?

See Setting the System Time

Is There a Quick Reference Guide I Can Use?

Yes, there is: Quick Reference

I'm New to Linux. Do You Have Any Advice Regarding Where to Start?

See this guide: Getting Started with Linux

I'm Having Trouble with an Issue Not Shown Here. Can I Get Help from EMAC?

Yes. Please contact EMAC Support

What information, about my product, do I need when I contact EMAC Support?

Please see the Required Information section of the EMAC Support page.