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Example Projects

  • CAN - demonstrates the use of the CAN bus
  • 'fbench' - a floating point benchmark which tests the accuracy and speed of floating point operations on the target systems
  • 'getkey' - demonstrates how to use a keypad with a SoM150ES carrier board
  • 'hello' - basic "hello world" project
  • 'i2c test' - writes and reads bytes to a selected register on the I²C device
  • 'libgpiod io' [OE5.X] - covers basic GPIO usage for the IPAC single board computer, and 150 and 200 series carrier boards
  • 'pthread demo' - demonstrates how to use pthreads
  • 'serial' - application performs an asynchronous IO test on the specified serial device using either poll or FASYNC mode.
  • 'socket' - demonstrates how to set up host and client node sockets on an Ethernet network
  • 'spi test' - demonstrates how to use a 12 bit A/D converter chip (mcp3208) with SPI Serial Interface
  • 'timer' - demonstrates how to use the software timer
  • 'watchdog' - demonstrates how to use the watchdog timer (a hardware circuit that can reset the computer system in case of a software fault)

Example Projects Specific to the EMAC SDK 4.X

  • 'atod_test' - demonstrates reading the channels of an indexed AtoD device
  • 'io demo' - provides four demos using SOM-150ES carrier board I/O
  • 'egpc' - demonstrates reading, writing and configuring the GPIO ports
  • 'mcp4922 test' - demonstrates how to access the on-board DtoA of an EMAC SoM-150ES carrier board

Example Projects for Specific Products