EMAC OE Add-on Packages

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If additional software packages are required, EMAC may be able to provide these for an additional support and installation fee. Thousands of software projects are available through the OpenEmbedded build system, most of which can be compiled and installed on any EMAC OE system. Please contact EMAC for information about package availability.

Many of the add on packages may be required for custom applications written with the SDK, e.g. SQLite for database applications or packages which add functionality to the device. Refer to the EMAC OE software development documentation for more information on creating custom software.



  • SQLite 3: A lightweight self-contained SQL database.

File Sharing

  • NFS Server: Network File System Server - Share the device's filesystem over the network or mount a remote network file system.
  • Samba Server: Common Internet File System and Domain support for Microsoft Windows clients.

Human Interface Devices

  • Touchscreens: Many EMAC systems that contain a display also have a touchscreen. The utilities used to configure the touchscreen vary by the particular system.

Real Time Extenstions

  • RTAI: Real Time Application Interface - write applications with strict timing constraints.
  • Xenomai: a real-time development framework for Linux

Scripting Languages

  • Perl 5: A high-level, interpreted programming language.
  • PHP 5: Server-side HTML embedded scripting language.
  • Python 2.6.1: A general purpose high-level programming language.

Toolkits and APIs

  • GTKMM: A GUI toolkit for developing GTK+ applications.
  • QT4 Embedded: a cross-platform application and UI framework for developers using C++ or QML.

Web Browsers

  • Google Chromium: A web browser ideal for use in kiosk applications.

Web Servers

  • Lighttpd: A lightweight web server.

Window Managers

  • Matchbox: A window manager for embedded systems.
  • Qt4: Qt can provide its own windowing system on top of a framebuffer, eliminating the need for the X11 windowing system.

Wireless Networking

  • Wireless Tools and WPA Supplicant: A typical wireless LAN set up will require the configuration of the network interfaces and WPA Supplicant if wireless encryption is used.
WPA Supplicant


  • Bluez: Provides support for the core Bluetooth layers and protocols in Linux.