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MitiPy™ Industrial IoT microcontroller

The Mitipy™ Industrial IoT microcontroller was created to simplify connecting devices and machines to the multitude of systems you find in the Industrial environment EMAC Inc. has created an easy to use, cost effective industrial board that can be implemented anywhere from the factory floor to an offsite remote location.

The Mitipy™ IoT board provides inputs for sensor integration, legacy serial communication, mesh networking, cell modem, WiFi, and Bluetooth communication. The MitiPy™ runs MicroPython, offering the perfect blend of power and flexibility. The MitiPy is a perfect fit for OEMs manufacturers and machine builders looking to add Industrial IoT functionality to new and existing product lines.

The MitiPy is an Industrial IoT device that is designed to provide a secure, flexible and ruggedized Industrial IOT Gateway solution. The MitiPy is built around the STMicroelectronics STM32 microcontroller with 32bit m4 ARM core.The MitiPy provides a comprehensive wireless multi-protocol (Wi-Fi + BT5) connectivity solution. Additionally, the MitiPy supports both the Skywire Cellular Module(s) and the MultiConnect mDot LoRa module. This module also provides RS232, RS485, CAN, USB and Ethernet to support protocols such as Modbus, PROFINET and EtherCAT. A wide range of configurable controller I/O pins are also available, enabling max system utilization.

The MitiPy™ comes loaded with MicroPython or FreeRTOS operating system. The MicroPython allows for easy software development and testing with simple scripted commands. Whereas FreeRTOS is ready to run and has connection API for Amazon Web Services "AWS". Both platforms can easily get your Industrial IOT project connected to the cloud.

  • Web Link
  • Manuals
  • MitiPy_User_Manual_V1.01.pdf
  • Data Sheets
  • IOT-F407M_MitiPy_Datasheet.pdf
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