Pages which need to be written/updated for OE5

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Tasks Needed to Release the OE 5.0 Docs and Tasks Which Will Improve the Site:


  • Create new page naming scheme to handle distinction between content for 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, etc.
  • Create new main page which links to the different start pages for the different OE versions.
  • Update sidebar with links to different OE version start pages, and to the new main page.
  • Create a more rigid, standard layout/format for our wiki pages.
  • Make sure all pages follow standard layout (with the review process)
  • SEO Keywords need to be put on every page.
  • Pages need to be reorganized by task, rather than by underlying category. When someone is trying to find documentation, they're thinking about the task at hand rather than the specific technologies which come into play.


The following tags indicate the release for which the item needs to be completed. If an item doesn't have a tag, then it must be completed for the next release (release 1, currently).

  • (r1) - Release 1
  • (r2) - Release 2
  • (r3) - Release 3
  • (r4) - Release 4


  • See about updating the appearance of the wiki to more closely match the main website
  • (r2) Add a "Related Content" section to the bottom of every document, to guide people to other helpful information.
  • (r3) Link to related hardware on our sales website (www)

Main Page - We need to steer people to the Main Page as much as possible, and make the Main Page appealing.

Things to document for OE5:


  • (r3) How to configure screen blanking (console) time (change consoleblank value in kernel commandline to number of seconds, or 0 for never)
  • (r1) How to take an image of an eMMC filesystem.


File Tools
  • (r3) inotify{wait,watch}
  • (r4) file
  • (r4) look - example using logs
  • (r4) flock, lslocks
  • (r4) lsblk
  • (r4) findmnt
  • (r4) fuser
  • (r4) md5sum
  • (r4) mkfifo
  • (r4) namei
  • (r4) install
Network Tools
  • (r2) ethtool
  • (r4) wget
  • (r4) wput
  • (r4) ftpget
  • (r4) ftpput
  • (r4) sshpass
  • (r4) dig
Audio Tools
  • (r2) alsactl
  • (r2) alsamixer
  • (r2) alsaloop
  • (r2) amixer
  • (r2) aplay
  • (r2) arecord
  • (r2) mpg123
  • (r2) speaker-test
  • (r2) /usr/share/emac/audio
Graphics Tools
  • (r2) /etc/resolution
  • (r2) fbi
  • (r2) /usr/share/emac/graphics
  •  ???
Miscellaneous Tools
  • (r4) logger
  • (r4) free
  • (r4) ps
  • (r4) df, discus, du
  • (r3) tload
  • (r3) runscript - minicom scripting tool
  • (r1) opkg install/update/etc
  • (r4) evtest
  • (r3) makehrtf - either document or remove this utility


Working with the sysfs interface
  • (r2) Working with EGPIO
  • (r2) ECOREEX
  • (r2) EMAC A/D and D/A
  • (r2) Backlight
  • (r2) /sys/class/net/eth0/{address,duplex,speed,statistics/{tx_,rx_}{bytes,packets,errors}}


Working with /proc
  • (r2) /proc/config.gz
  • (r4) /proc/cpuinfo
  • (r4) /proc/swaps
  • (r4) /proc/loadavg
  • (r4) /proc/partitions
  • (r4) /proc/version
  • (r4) /proc/uptime
  • (r4) /proc/net/dev
  • (r4) /proc/filesystems
  • (r4) /proc/fs/nfsfs/{servers,volumes}
  • (r2) /proc/number

Desktop SDK/Tools

  • (r1) apt-get install/etc
  • (r1) Qt Creator
  • (r1) CMake - using from the command line
  • (r1) git - using with
  • (r1) Automation Tools
  • (r1) EMAC Drivers
  • (r1) EMAC Examples
  • (r1) scanserial
  • (r1) putty


  • (r2) Update FAQ
  • (r4) About Linux - Add more Info
  • (r1) Getting Started with EMAC Embedded Linux Development - Update with links for 5.0, change Eclipse parts to Qt Creator, etc
  • (r1) EMAC OE Add-on Packages
  • (r3) Add more content to the Graphics section
  • (r1) Serial Connections - Add 9x25 info, remove boards without OE5 support from table
  • (r1) Network Configuration - Remove "Disabling Telnet" and add info about ethtool; remove "telnet is enabled by default"
  • (r2) Make the next steps more clear in, "Archiving JFFS2 Images"
  • (r2) For, "Creating JFFS2 Images," an Overview needs to be added which simply and clearly describes the pieces and process.
  • (r3) "Editing a File" needs to be revised with info about vim.
  • (r1) "Creating a New EMAC OE SDK Project" needs to be revised with CMake info
  • (r1) "Building the Linux Kernel" needs to be rev'd with OE5 relevant info
  • (r1) "EMAC OE Development Process" needs to reference Qt Creator instead of Eclipse
  • (r1) "Repartitioning a CompactFlash Disk for Linux" - filesystem type needs to be changed.
  • (r4) "Quick Reference" - add more content...
    • (r4) ln
    • (r4) top/htop
    • (r4) df
    • (r4) du
    • (r4) ntp{d,q}
    • (r4) vim
    • (r4) ctags
    • (r2) permanent network config changes
    • (r3) nfs mounts
    • (r4) rsync
    • (r3) tcpdump
    • (r4) head/tail/look
    • (r4) grep/egrep/fgrep
    • (r4) uptime
    • (r4) lsof
    • (r4) who/w
    • (r4) which
    • (r4) whatis
    • (r4) whereis
    • (r4) whois
    • (r4) whoami/$UID/$GID/groups/id
    • (r4) dirs/pushd/popd
    • (r4) ps
    • (r4) globs
    • (r4) date
    • (r4) tar
    • (r4) touch
    • (r4) bash functions
    • (r4) bc
    • (r4) xargs
    • (r4) kill
    • (r4) diff
    • (r4) echo/printf/cat/pipes
    • (r4) mkfifo
    • (r4) {,c,s}fdisk
    • (r4) mkswap/mkfs.ext{2,3,4}
    • (r4) strings
    • (r4) {l,s}trace
    • (r4) /etc/services
    • (r4) wc

Pages to Enhance and Tweak

  • (r2) "Mounting JFFS2 Images on a Linux PC"
  • (r1) "Loading Images onto eMMC Devices"
  • (r1) "Repartitioning NAND Flash with JFFS2 for Linux"
  • (r3) "Remote System Explorer SFTP Setup for Eclipse" - advertise EMAC products here
  • (r1) "Booting with an NFS Root Filesystem"
  • (r1) "Loading Images with U-Boot"
  • (r2) "Creating JFFS2 Images"
  • (r3) "Loading Images with Redboot"
  • (r2) "EMAC OE USB Gadget Connections"
  • (r2) "U-Boot Overview"
  • (r1) "Repartitioning a CompactFlash Disk for Linux"
  • (r3) "Installing a TFTP Server"