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Navigation Page Template

This template was designed to make it easier to quickly create navigation pages (like the front page/home page of the wiki). If you're looking to create an article instead, use the Page Template instead.

Using the Navtempl Template

Use the following code on an empty page, then save the page, to use this template:

{{ subst:Navtempl | initials={{subst::Templateimpl:getinitials}} | project=OE 5.0 | title=Page Title | desc=Description for SEO }}

Make sure to set the page title and the description before you hit save. Otherwise, you will have to manually edit these throughout the page later, unless you immediately delete the page and recreate it with the title and description set.

This will cause the above tag to be replaced with the contents of this template. You may then change any part of it, but any changes to the template itself will not propagate to the page you created with this template.


For example, to create an OE 5.0 page entitled, "Summer Vacation," with the description, "Where to Go for Summer Vacation," you would use this code:

{{ subst:Navtempl | initials={{subst::Templateimpl:getinitials}} | project=OE 5.0 | title=Summer Vacation | desc=Where to Go for Summer Vacation }}

Dynamic Templates Included by this Template

For the dynamic templates included by this template, see:

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