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Update Process

The update process for wiki pages needs to follow this sequence:

Datestamp for the Update

Add the current date and time to your TODO tag in this format:



  • MM is the month, [01,12]
  • DD is the day, [01,31]
  • YY is the last two digits of the year.
  • HH is the hour, in 24 hour time format
  • mm is the minute. (It is okay to round to the nearest 5 minutes).
  • IN represents the initials of the engineer, as assigned elsewhere on this wiki.
  • ± is either a + or a - and indicates whether it passed this step and moved forward (with a +), or if it was marked Buggy, Deprecated or Obsolete (with a -).

For example:


Indicates that a page was changed on October 22, 2013 at 11pm by Mike Dean, and that the change was to move its progress forward.

Order of Progression for Tags

  1. NotStarted - This tag denotes a new page that needs to be written.
  2. InProgress - Use this whenever work is being done on a page. This includes during revisions after a review.
  3. Review - This tag marks that the page is ready to be reviewed (not that it has been reviewed). Put in the initials of another engineer to review the page; if you're not sure who to put, use MD.
  4. Buggy - This tag means that the reviewer has found bugs (not typos) in the page, and that it needs to be reworked by the person who wrote/ported it. From here, the tag goes back to InProgress. If no bugs were found, this stage is skipped and the next tag is used instead.
  5. FinalDraft - This tag indicates that the page has passed the review process, and seems to be complete. It will need to be looked at by a fresh set of eyes after a suitable period to move on to the next stage.
  6. Complete - This tag indicates that the FinalDraft passed the "fresh set of eyes inspection," and is ready for publication.

Additional Tags - Usable on pages marked as Complete

  1. Deprecated - Indicates that the page will not be needed for an upcoming (but not necessarily the very next) release.
  2. Obsolete - Indicates that the page is not valid for the current release. This must come after Deprecated.
  3. Revise - Use this to mark a page that has already been deployed as needing revision. A person should be assigned to do the revision, who will then mark it for Review when the revision is complete. It will the follow the above progression, the same as pages follow when first written.

For Discarding Pages

If you have a page you started, but never published, and it turns out to not be needed after all: mark it as Discarded.

Page List

Frequently Used

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For Adding/Checking Project Tags

Quick Reference

TODO Tagging Format

{{todo| comment |who1, who2, etc}} without a project
{{todo| comment |who1, who2, etc|project= project 1, project 2, etc}}

Background Pages

this is just a list of pages needed for this extension to work. Make sure not to edit or delete them