WIKI Deployment

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The ChiliProject page for this is here:

Deploying from the Internal Wikidev to the Public Wiki

The following steps need to be performed to deploy the wiki.


  1. Go to the wikidev homepage and comment out the EMAC internal use only part of the page. This will make sure it never shows up on the public homepage, even though the content will briefly be there.
  2. Check to ensure that links to any unfinished pages are commented out in each of the categories under the main page.
  3. Change style="background-color: #fff0f0; to style="display: none; background-color: #fff0f0; for the TODO tags by editing the Template:Todo page for it: The display: none part tells TODO tags to not display the tags on the pages.

Dump & Restore

The database now needs to be dumped on the engineering server, then restored on the IT server.


  1. Go to the links that were commented out on the homepage, and delete them from the Live Server (such as the EMAC Internal Only page and its subpages).
  2. Remove the commented out code from the homepage.
  3. Go to any category page which had a link commented out,
    1. Follow the commented out link to delete the page
    2. Remove the comment