Eclipse Introduction

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Eclipse is an Open Source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that can be used to develop software for many different languages. Plugins are available that add functionality, such as SVN support, support for additional languages, and team collaboration. See the Eclipse Project site for more information

Eclipse Distribution

EMAC recommends that customers install Eclipse 3.6 from the EMAC FTP site. The Eclipse 3.6 distribution includes all of the plugins recommended for developing software using the EMAC OE SDK, including:

  • C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) and features
  • Remote Systems Explorer / Target Management / Device Software Development Platform (RSE/TM/DSDP)
  • SVN, Git, and CVS support
  • Mylyn plugin with Trac support
  • Linux development tools with Man Page viewer
  • Web Developer Tools
  • PHP Development Tools
  • Eclox Doxygen support plugin
  • Other plugins and features

See Also

Refer to the links below for instructions on how to install and utilize the Eclipse 3.6 distribution.